Attack on titan season 4 part 3, Part 2 Got A Release Date, And Yes, It’s Really The End

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Attack on titan season 4 part 3, Part 2 Got A Release Date, And Yes, It’s Really The End | If you can’t tell from my title, it’s a little joke about how long Attacks on Titan is calling this the “final season,” but it’s really just a bunch of really short seasons all strung together. are endlessly connected. , ,

Well, almost endless. After the premiere of part 3 of Titan Season (Season 4), we now know when the second part of part 3 will premiere, or I guess you can call it part 4? Unclear. But there’s one released, and yes, it’s the last visitor of the episode.

Attack on titan season 4 part 3

attack on titan season 4 part 3
attack on titan season 4 part 3

It’s just been announced that Part 3, Part 2 will end in the fall of 2023, meaning we won’t be waiting for any delays leaving the final run of episodes until 2024. So, for “final season,” this is where we are:

  • Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 1 – December 2020
  • Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 – January 2022
  • Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 – March 2023
  • Attack on Titan Sesaon 4 Part 3, Part 2 (Part 4?) – Fall 2023

This “final season” already has 28 episodes from the show’s ceiling years ago at this point, and it could be closer to 50 episodes by the time it’s called. Which essentially builds into three seasons of one season. I don’t know why they decided to do this, but it’s definitely one of the more absurd narration/release timing things I’ve seen in anime.

The anime series is known for experimenting with different broadcast formats. For example, Demon Slayer went down the path of releasing gaming for some kids, which earned them half a million dollars at the box office for the Mugen Train movie, so they’re doing the same thing for season 3, the Swordsmith Village arc. To install Premiere.

Attack on Titan, meanwhile, is hitting it’s final season and remains as popular as ever, even as the story takes weirder and weirder turns. I know a lot of people who read manga are eating people to get to the end of the brawl, which should now be in the fall.

Attack on titan season 4 part 3

Unless they decide to make a Final Season Part 3, Part 3 (Part 5), of course…

Update (3/5): Now that the special episode of Part 3 is airing, we now know how it was received by fans. Very cool, indeed! Here’s what the episode was about:

“Ramji and Halil, two refugee children, are on the run from the approaching Elder Titans when they blaspheme the fraternity of refugees. A year ago, Eren reflects on his past readings and his future actions.”

Attack on Titan Chapter Story: What happened in Special 1 and what to expect next

Don’t worry, we’re not going into spoiler territory here. In fact, let’s rewind a bit to show how we got to this point.

The conflict between Paradis and Marley Island has been going on for years. There are big question marks around the chapter to see who comes out on top.

Eren initiates the Rumbling, a world-ending move that sees the Titans as his personal army within the walls of Paradis. Eren is getting ready to kill everyone outside of Paradis so that (in his mind) his friend can live free enough without the cycle of revenge inevitably turning to the ‘devil’ of his home island.

The alliance of forces between Paradis and Marley stands in Eren’s way. These include Eren’s ‘sister’ Mikasa, his one-time friend in the Survey Corps, and Marley’s remaining major forces.

However, Khas 1 decided the fate of some big leaders. Floch, having survived the fall in the second half of the Attack on Titan final season, is seen on board an Alliance plane that was about to fly in to see Eren. He dies and so, too, does Hang – making the ultimate sacrifice to give the group enough time to protect the vision.

Attack on titan season 4 part 3

On their way to Fort Salta, one of humanity’s last infiltration routes, the group is suddenly pulled into the streets where Eren’s disembodied voice says that talking is not an option and forces them to do what next. Giving free will.

Meanwhile, Falco and Gabi (who have escaped with Annie on a ship) recount that Falco’s dreams—which he receives thanks to Jake’s spinal fluid—allow him to see a vision that He is flying. Could this be something that turns the fever in battle?

The group eventually fly over Fort Salta and attack Eren and Joe who resembles Zeke’s best Titan. Armin asks Eren if he is free as the special comes closer.

what next? Eren is expected in a final showdown over the fate of the planet with an alliance of Mikasa and the rest. The question of whether he can get the spoils to return to his warpath could make all the difference in the world, however the talking has now stopped. Don’t discount the many wildcards: Zeke, Falco, and Annie could all play major roles in whether the rumbling ends and what Eren’s destiny could be.

Right now, with 23,000 votes, The Final Chapter: Special 1 has a 9.6/10 on IMDB. It sounds high, and it is, but fans have been known to have a really high rate of Attacks on Titan, making it one of the top-rated shows in the site’s history. In terms of the series as a whole, the 10 out of 9.6 actually remains in the top 25 of all episodes, as the last eight different episodes have achieved that score.

Attack on Titan’s highest rated episode is Midnight Sun of 2019 with 9.9/10.

The 2014 lowest rated episode of Attack Titan is the OVA: The Sudden Makers: The Torturus’ Curse of You with a 7.6/10. And nothing is really even close to it, as it is the lowest by a wide margin.

We’ll have to wait and see how the others fare in the grand scheme of the list of future episodes, but the newcomers have certainly skewed One.

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