- enter xfinity activation code - is the official xfinity webpage to register and activate your device using the 6 digit xfinity activation code. Trigger an Xfinity Gateway and research finest deals online for Web, Video and cellular services from xfinity authorize webpage..

How to activate Xfinity Gateway from

  1. Place your modem and connect to your gateway
    • You need to wait almost 10 minutes now for the gateway or modem to be ready to activate.
  2. Now connect to internet connection using Wifi
  3. You can see Home-XXXX or XFSETUP-XXXX at the side or bottom of the gateway or modem.
    • This is the network name (SSID) and password.
  4. Go to WiFi Settings on your WiFi-enabled device
    • Choose the network name from the list of available networks.
    • Enter the password when prompted.
    • Enter a PIN instead of a password
    • Click Connect using a Security Key link to enter the password in the Security Key area.
  5. Activate your gateway or modem
  6. Open in your web browser
  7. Enter the xfinity activation code or xfinity registarion code
  8. Follow the onscreen prompts to initiate activation.
  9. Now connect to home network with WiFi name and password.

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